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Welcome to BWS Engineering, your foremost experts in Australian switchboard solutions. We specialize in crafting top-quality Main Switchboards, Distribution Boards, Control Panels, and Motor Control Centers, all meticulously designed to meet AS61439 standards. Our team of skilled engineers and technicians ensures your electrical needs are met with precision, no matter the complexity. We offer custom solutions, compliance with AS/NZS standards, and expertise in power distribution. In our commitment to sustainability, we specialize in Photovoltaic Distribution Boards (PVDBs) for solar power. With a strong emphasis on energy efficiency and reliability, BWS Engineering is your trusted partner for all your electrical engineering projects. Explore our services and discover how we can empower your projects with compliant, high-quality solutions.

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BWS Engineering takes immense pride in presenting our diverse and meticulously crafted product range, designed to meet your specific electrical requirements. We offer a comprehensive selection of cutting-edge solutions, each tailored to cater to a variety of applications and needs, ensuring that your projects receive the finest electrical components.

Our commitment to excellence is embedded in every product we offer. We strive to meet AS/NZS standards and to deliver precision, reliability, and quality in every component.

  • Main Switchboards
  • Distribution Boards
  • Control Panels
  • Motor Control Centers
  • Photovoltaic Distribution Boards (PVDBs)
  • Meter Panels
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Main Switchboards (MSB)

Where Power Begins. Precision in Every Connection. From 800A to 6000A, our main switchboards are the cornerstone of electrical distribution, ensuring seamless power management and safety at every level of your operation.


Motor Control Centers (MCC)

Unmatched Control, Every Motor. Our motor control centers deliver unparalleled precision and performance, ensuring seamless management and control of every motor in your operation.


Distribution Boards (DB)

Where Power Spreads. Efficient Distribution, Trusted Connection. Ranging from 63A to 250A, our distribution boards optimize power flow, ensuring reliable and efficient energy distribution for your specific needs.


Network Protection Units (PVDB)

Ranging from 80kW to 1MW, our grid protection boards are designed to maximize the potential of solar energy while ensuring robust secondary protection for a sustainable power solution.

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Control Panels

The Heart of Precision Control. Offering seamless monitoring and management of electrical systems, our control panel switchboards are engineered to empower your operations with unrivaled precision and efficiency.


Meter Panels

From 6 x 1 phase or 3 x 3 phase meters up to 63A, our meter panels ensure accurate measurement and management of electrical consumption, delivering the data you need for informed decisions.

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Key Strengths


Expert Team

Unlocking Switchboard Excellence: Backed by Australian Expertise, Powered by BWS Engineering.


Environmental Commitment

We are dedicated to promoting sustainable energy practices and reducing the environmental impact through solar power adoption.



We provide Tailoring Excellence to Your Needs with highly customizable solutions for your Australian Products


High-Quality Products

Our company is partnered with reputable manufacturers to source top-quality type tested Enclosures and components for installations.


Cutting-Edge Technology

Cutting-edge technology driving innovation in every switchboard designed using latest available products in the Market.


Exceptional Customer Service

Customer satisfaction is a priority for BWS Engineering, and we strive to deliver excellent service throughout the entire project journey.

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Why Us?

  • Over 8 Years Of Combined Local & Australian Experience In Switchboard & Solar Industry

  • Company Is Run By Three Expert Engineers

  • Photovoltaic Grid Protection Switchboards Specialists For Australia

  • Use of Zinc Coated material For Enclosures

  • Use Of Schneider As Main Switchgear Supplier

  • Having 30 - 50% Cost Benefits Compared To Australian Production

  • Proven Track Record & Focus On Client Satisfaction

Customer trust is the cornerstone of every successful relationship. It is the bond that transcends transactions and fosters genuine partnerships, where loyalty and satisfaction thrive.
- Team BWS